4 Reasons Why Your Furnace is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker and How to Solve It

Tripped circuit breakers are frustrating and worrisome, especially if it seems like the furnace is the cause. If your breaker trips once and typical operation returns after you reset it, there is no abrupt cause for alarm. In this situation, an unforeseen power surge is the most likely source.

However, you can’t neglect the problem if the breaker gets thrown again and again. This might happen with both electric and gas furnaces. After all, even gas-fired furnaces use electricity to operate the blower motor and other components. Before you arrange furnace repair, review the most likely reasons your furnace might be blowing the circuit breaker and how you can stop it.

1. Overworked Furnace

Does your furnace work for just a few minutes before throwing the breaker? This might indicate weak airflow. A dirty filter or closed air vents compels your furnace to work harder. The higher electrical draw could overheat the system, strain the circuit andthrow the breaker. Here are some tips to restore normal airflow and resolve the problem:

  • Swap out the air filter.
  • Open all air registers and make certain none are restricted by furniture, curtains or rugs.
  • Don’t put anything against the furnace or otherwise block airflow into it.

2. Full Circuit

HVAC equipment should be on a dedicated circuit, but this might not occur in older residences. Inspect the labels on your electrical panel to find out if another appliance shares a circuit with your furnace. As a temporary resolution, you can unplug the secondary item or avoid operating it while the furnace is on. A safer, more permanent solution is to have an electrician install a dedicated circuit for your HVAC system.

3. Short Circuit or Ground Fault

Does your furnace trigger the circuit breaker as soon as it starts? This could be a result of an electrical issue inside the furnace. An exposed wire might be shorting out the circuit when it touches a neutral wire or leads to a ground fault if it meets a grounded wire or metal object. Either of these things can surge the electrical draw enough to trip the circuit. You’ll do best with an HVAC professional like Freschi Service Experts to uncover and fix the issue.

4. Electrical Panel Trouble

If you exclude any trouble with your furnace, the electrical panel could be to blame. Shaky connections or damaged breakers could lead to finicky performance. If you have an older house, you may need to have the panel replaced if it’s outdated, damaged or poorly installed. In this case, you need the expertise of an electrician.

Your furnace might continue to trip the circuit breaker regardless of your efforts to resolve the situation yourself. If this occurs, leave the furnace off and call Freschi Service Experts for assistance. Our HVAC Experts can help you diagnose the issue and recommend the required repair. We’re proud of our repair, so we back it with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.* For more details about us, or to schedule furnace repair, call us at 925-384-1303 now.

*Not applicable to the Advantage Program. See your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is subject to certain restrictions and limitations as set forth in the applicable Terms and Conditions.

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