Expert Guide to Total Home Comfort

November 17, 2015

When it comes to whole home comfort, seasonal shifts shouldn’t impact the desire to be comfortable in our homes. Decreased home comfort is one of the most referenced concerns on furnace service calls we take in Concord, which is why we typically recommend taking note of the various factors that alter your home’s comfort outside of your heating and air conditioning system.

Complete home comfort means that there are more elements that alter your feeling of comfort than you might realize; it’s more than just having furnace service done too. It is so crucial to us that the home analysis we offer is named just that – Total Home Comfort. By conducting a thorough analysis of your home, containingf the HVAC equipment, duct work, insulation, windows and weatherstripping, we can help be sure your home comfort is at its best while also being mindful of your energy efficiency.

Our Total Home Comfort analysis focuses on these four important factors: 

  1. Safety – having a safe home is important for everyone, which is why we have this at No. 1. Keeping your family, friends and pets safe is critical, and we want to help you be sure your home is as safe as it can be.
  2. Health – home comfort can be diminished greatly if your indoor air is full of dust, pollutants, germs and microbes. While we’re doing annual furnace service, we help you identify the best way to limit or eliminate these so you can breathe better.
  3. Comfort – boosting the comfort in your entire home with superior temperature and humidity control can help you in your quest for total home comfort. Having your air’s humidity set correctly is important to attaining your home comfort goals.
  4. Efficiency – everyone likes saving money, which is why we check and rate your system’s performance during furnace service so you know what level of efficiency your system has. After all, efficient home comfort is the best type of home comfort.
Once we go over these couple steps, the experts at Freschi Service Experts can help you lay out a plan to take you to a level of home comfort that you haven’t even considered. We take your home comfort seriously, which is why when you set up furnace service, we help you identify the safest, healthiest, most comfortable and energy-efficient ways to increase the comfort of your home. Give us a call at or arrange an appointment with us online to hear more about our Total Home Comfort home analysis.